All the ways Lancaster students are prepping for June 21st

We’re on the road out of lockdown, baby

After being through three national lockdowns, many tears, and many Zoom quizzes, we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of June 21st. We are patiently waiting for the time we can go to Sugar (or Glow, whichever one you prefer) and seeing some of our coursemates at the bar and buying a few VKs for them, because why not? It’s not all “party, party, party” though, with most students just looking forward to seeing their friends properly after over a year in and out of lockdowns.

Here’s a rundown of what Lancs students are doing to ensure that they are fully prepared for June 21st:

“Clothes, clothes and more clothes”- Mel, first year Furness

“I’ve been buying clothes non-stop since lockdown, all ready for clubs to be open and I can go and get a drink and dance the night away with my mates”. Oh how we miss spilling our VKs on the Sugar dancefloor, while rocking our new PLT outfit. We cannot wait for the chaotic scenes all over Lancaster in general. What a treat that will be.

“Dyeing my hair and having it cut”- Lauren, second year Grizedale

“I’m getting bored of my hair colour and length. I am in desperate need of a change! I can’t wait until hair salons and nail bars open again so I can go and feel human again.” We know the feeling, we miss gossiping to our hairdresser about how stressed we are because of uni. We miss hairdressers more than we care to admit.

“Getting my fitness back, ready to enjoy sports again”- Kim, third year PhD

“Lockdown has taken a toll on my fitness levels, so I’ve started to get active again, ready for lockdown to be over. I really love team sports/ societies and struggle to motivate myself to exercise alone. With the hope that sports clubs may return soon, I want to get the most out of training sessions before the end of the year”.  So many Lancs students have missed out on sports teams this year, which is a huge part of their university experience; here’s to finally using that new sports hall extension!

“Buying festival outfits, working out and listening to good vibes/festival music”- Aimee, first year Pendle

“I’ve been going back through my camera roll and looking at summer 2019 photos and videos of good times. I’m constantly listening to festival playlists and party tunes to help me get into the mood for Sugar! I’ve been working out to get that summer body, and buying clothes to match.” Can you believe that summer 2019 was the last summer we had where we experienced freedom? But don’t worry, this summer will be the best one yet. Hopefully.

“Mandatory alcohol consumption training every weekend to prepare for the big one”- Wesley, first year Cartmel

“If I don’t get through a bottle of spirit every weekend, I’m not going to be ready for June 21st.” No comment. Although if we did comment, then we would probably say that this is taking commitment to the next level.

“Let everyone go out first to test the waters”- Mohammed, Cartmel

“I’m planning on staying in and I know for a fact that some people are going to go crazy on June 21st. People don’t realise that this is going to be a ‘go back to normal’ day, not a going out day. In the end the virus will still be there. I’m planning on not going out loads as I don’t want to be in a lockdown again.” This is of course a valid take on the situation, and no doubt we will still need to be cautious about the virus post-June 21st to avoid it rearing its ugly head once more.

“Conditioning my liver by having several vodka shots every morning”- Abbey, third year Grizedale

“We’ve been practicing drinking and making ourselves stay up longer, thanks so lockdown we’ve become such lightweights. My house and I have already bought tickets to several events that will happen in the first week that clubs will be open.” It is compulsory for everyone to stay out until Sugar closes. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Making a doomsday style post-clubbing kit for my flat” – Lucy, first year Fylde

We’ve got the water, pain relief, the snacks and sultans on speed dial. I won’t be going clubbing as it’s going to be packed and I wouldn’t be able to handle the level of noise and that. I figured instead I would have a huge box full of all the post-club things people would want to surprise them with.” See, we appreciate this level of cautious optimism; it’s going to be a huge change coming out of lockdown, and your housemates are going to need their mother figure now more than ever.

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