Decorate your Lancs uni room and we’ll tell you which college you really belong in

If your walls are full of fairy lights, you are from Bowland, I don’t make the rules

How you decorate your uni room is reflective of who you are. Do you have fairy lights strung from every corner of your room? Have you got 100 plants lining your windowsill? Or do you not even bother to make your bed?

A lot of people take pride in how their uni room looks. Some rooms look as if they are straight from Pinterest and have fake leaves trailing down the walls with flowers and plants everywhere you look.

But how you style your room as a Lancs uni student is how you show off your personality. Of course you are from a County townhouse if you have photos from your craziest nights out in Sugar pinned to your wall. It really says a lot about who you are.

Take this quiz and tell us what your uni room looks like in order to find out which college you really belong to.