Lancaster Uni are honouring original offers after A-Level U-Turn

Medicine students will be guaranteed a deferred place for next year

Lancaster University has announced that it has decided to honour all existing offers made to students after the A-level U-Turn announced by the government this afternoon.

Following the UK government’s recent announcement that A-level students in England will be given grades estimated by their teachers, rather than by an algorithm, Lancaster University has decided to honour all existing offers made to students. Any offers which have been made through clearing or adjustment are secure and students will be welcomed to the university in October.

In a statement released by Lancaster University they said: “The University is delighted to honour all existing offers on all programmes that do not have an externally determined cap (eg Medicine) for 2020 entry.

“For those students who have met our offer to study medicine based on teacher-assessed grades but do not yet have a place confirmed, we are working with the relevant agencies about places this year and we will guarantee a deferred place for next year.

“We are awaiting information about how your grades will be articulated to the University. As soon as we have this information we will advise you of the process you need to follow.

“If you have received an offer from us through Clearing or Adjustment, please be assured that your place is secure and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Lancaster University.

Scholarships are will be protected if a student’s newly revised grades now fit the criteria for ‘attainment scholarships for excellent students.’ Further details on both scholarships and bursaries can be found on the Lancaster University website.


Programmes with an externally determined cap, such as medicine, will instead be guaranteed a deferred place for next year. For students that don’t yet have a confirmed offer to study medicine but have met the requirements based on teacher-assessed grades, the university ensures that they are “working with the relevant agencies” to discuss places for 2020.

It is unclear as of yet how grades will be articulated to the University. Once this information becomes available there will be advise provided on which processes students may need to follow.

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