The best Lancaster Youtubers to binge watch during quarantine part two

You asked for it

We’re back with a second review of Lancaster’s best Youtubers. Following our first siege into the depths of the Lancs Uni Youtuber world, we found many more entertaining camera stars and vloggers that will fill up the long spare hours of lockdown. Consider this, the top Youtubers of Lancaster Uni part two, because you did ask for it.

Just be warned, after binge watching all these channels, it can result in high procrastination, a lack of sleep and losing all sense of time. So here is a ranked list of yet another set of entertaining Lancaster Youtubers which are worth a watch in lockdown.

6. Simp Squad

So first up is a collaborative Youtube channel run by a group of friends at Lancs uni called Simp Squad. To be a ‘simp’, according to Urban Dictionary, is to be a man who is submissive to women in hopes to win them over. Interesting, are we about to be woo’d by the charming nature of these guys? A lonely lockdown had my hopes up.

Unfortunately not, the channel is random. The first video is titled “How to get a free drink from Spar (100% works)”, although I’m still not convinced how it was done. The video follows in one of the guys who are seen buying the drink, instead of getting it for free. The humour is definitely for those who are also entertained by The Office US or Ricky Gervais. The two other videos on this channel sum up the typical life of a uni student, including poor cooking, nights out and hanging out with mates. Should be called Standard Simp Squad.

5. Hopey!Gaming

Next on this list is a gaming Youtube channel called Hopey!Gaming. He has a real gamer vibe with his big desk chair and an even bigger headset. While I don’t consider myself a gamer, there were quite a few videos on the channel which anyone can enjoy. One of his videos reacts to a “Try not to laugh challenge”, although he ends up laughing seven times, so it’s a fail. He also has a video reacting to “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, an American version of You’ve been framed. With a genuine personality, he is entertaining to watch. So for those of you who want to watch gaming content, check out this channel out because there are some diamonds in the rough of Minecraft.


Fourth place goes to JOZZY, a Lancs Youtuber who posts parodies, reaction videos and just all round funny content. The parody song “Stay Inside Today” makes the current pandemic seem less scary, whilst also sending the message of staying at home and staying safe. So while at home in lockdown, you might as well check his channel out.

Another one of his videos titled “Twitter controls my life for 10hrs” revolves around him completing tasks in an airport under the control of his Twitter followers and honestly, I applaud you for your bravery. From dancing on chairs, pretending to be a plane and being weird around strangers, it must have been awkward. So why not make it into a Youtube video? Might have been cringe, but that’s the content we want to see.

3. Hibah Mirza

With a strong following of 20.8k subscribers, Hibah Mirza is a Lancs Medical student who posts videos ranging from a week in the life of a medic student to vlogs and Q&As. In her video titled “no more med school… (instagram q&a)”, she opens up about life as a med student, reveals she can speak more than five languages and studying tips. Her latest video is a massive flex as she shows off her collection of trainers, such as Nike Air Force ones, Airforce X off-whites and Jordans. So if you are a medic at Lancs uni, definitely check out her account for advice, morning routines and day in the life of a medic.

2. Willanator

Coming in at second place on this list is Willanator with the highest subscriber count of 267k subscribers! Very impressive. His channel mainly consists of Tiltok compilations, such as “Tiktoks that stole my sleep”, “Tiktoks that will launch you into space” and “Tiktoks that need to be locked up”. So if binge watching hours of Tiktok videos is how you are currently spending your time in lockdown, definitely check out this channel for the funniest content. As well as Tiktok, other compilation include “perfectly cut screams” and “cringe compilations”. The most popular video on this channel titled “Perfectly cut Minecraft screams” has reached an astounding 8.8 million views! Mind Blown.

1. Charlie Colette

So in first place is Charlie Colette, whose videos revolve around student life at Lancaster uni, motivation, organisation and studying. As this channel has a strong focus on life at Lancaster, it wins the top spot on this list of best Lancaster Youtubers. This channel is perfect for any Lancs student in need of advice, motivation and top tips for being a student in Lancaster. In particular, the video titled “How to spend your money wisely at University” is perfect for those who struggle with budgeting, with solutions such as making an Excel spreadsheet for your purchases and doing online food order with flatmates to split the delivery cost. Other helpful videos on student life include “How to be motivated”, “Study with me” and “Being productive on a rainy day.”

While in lockdown, it may seem impossible to focus on uni work or even have the motivation to revise. So I would recommend the video “Preparing for 2nd year University ONLINE exams”. Another great video for first years with questions and queries about second year would be “Answering YOUR questions about my 2nd year at university.” With a wide range of videos, there are hours upon hours of content to watch about life at Lancaster.

So for all you bored Lancs students in lockdown, these are the Youtube channels to watch in quarantine!

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