It’s time to vote for Lancs’ most notorious BNOC to determine who will make the semi-final

The competition is getting tougher

So here it is, the final heat for Lancs’ most notorious BNOC 2020. We have the final four competitors, ready to win you over for your vote for the title of biggest name on campus. If you thought you had seen it all, from magicians swallowing balloons, politics celebrities to fashion icons, here is another set of BNOCs to fight for the title. While in quarantine there is not much to do, other than reflect on the past year and yearn to be in the pit of Skint Mondays, skipping lectures and following the lives of the biggest names on campus.

Here is the final list of nominees. If you are new here, have you been living under a rock? Catch up with your voting by viewing heat one, two and three, then cast your vote in heat four before we reveal the winners for the semi-final. It’s easy. Read the nominee profiles, decide who you think is the most notorious BNOC to roam campus, then vote in the form at the end. Simple.

Lewis Pugh

Year: Second year

Course: Theatre

Reasons for nomination:

  1. His fashion sense is on point
  2. LUTG fame
  3. Welfare for County

Lewis said that it’s good to finally be accepted for his dress sense. He told the Tab that his nan thinks he dresses like a twat, but is thankful that the people of Lancaster support him. It is important for a BNOC to have style, the pic only reveals a white top and black jacket collar, but a classic choice. There seems to be a common theme with BNOCs and county college… a coincidence?

Rachel Lord

Year: Second

Course: Politics

Reasons for nomination:

  1. She has so many insta followers it’s insane
  2. Has her own Youtube channel
  3. Makeup is always on fleek
  4. Everyone knows her name

In response to these statements, Rachel said that her goals in life are to be TikTok famous and to be called a Lancs uni BNOC. So she thanks whoever nominated her for making her dreams come true. It is true that Rachel has a large social media following, on Insta, Youtube and TikTok. This is classic, iconic BNOC behaviour, a strong social presence and determination. Rachel also has a pretty impressive Youtube channel, you may recognise her as a campus vlogger.

Declan Goodfellow

Year: First year

Course: History and politics

Reasons for nomination:

  1. Can’t find him in Sugar sober
  2. Amazing rugby player
  3. Probably got an attendance of 5%
  4. Broke his shoulder, hand and nose playing rugby
  5. His parents come every weekend to clean his room and he never cooks, expect the one time he cooked chicken

Declan said that he lives for Wednesday nights out and then finds it hard to crawl out of bed on Thursdays. Typical BNOC behaviour – prioritising the sesh over seminars. If the photo he sent us is anything to go by, he likes to party. He continued to tell us that he’s broken more bones while at uni than ever in his life, in which he blames his drunken antics more than the rugby field. He can’t wait to do the very same thing next year with the LYNX as social sec with hopes in slightly improving his attendance.

Amy Merchant

Year: Third year

Course: English literature

Reasons for nomination:

  1. Former county president
  2. Always wearing funky garmz
  3. Going to take on the SU next year
  4. “Someone told me in first year that Amy Merchant is the definition of BNOC”

Amy told the Lancs Tab that she guesses she got the nomination because she’s a massive keeno for student politics, or due to her trouser collection and headband. She said she can’t wait to start the new VP job and take on some amazing SU projects. She wanted to give a big shout out to County college for their amazing work recently. So with great style and enthusiasm, Amy seems like the perfect contender for Lancs most notorious BNOC 2020.

Now it’s time to vote! Cast your vote in the form below, to determine who will make the semi-final.