Vote for Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC 2020: Heat one

The competition begins x

The nominees are in for Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC and now it is time for the first heat in the competition! If you don’t know how it works, simply read through what the nominees be have to say and cast your vote at the end!

The nominees have commented on the reasons why they were nominated and why they think they should be crowned Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC 2020. The competition is going to be tough. But for now, let’s meet the first four nominees.

Tinashe Shonhiwaa

Year: First Year

Course: Medicine

Reasons for nomination:

  1. Everyone knows him.
  2. He’s the life of Lancster’s campus.
  3. Tinashe has taken over Sultan’s Snapchat story many times and is a familiar face on the social scene.
  4. He always chats to people in the library and is a genuinely kind person.

Tinashe said the Sultan’s snapchat takeovers were fun as he “spent most nights out drunk talking to ducks.” Now if that isn’t iconic to Lancs’ uni then I don’t know what is. He refers to himself as “the nature man aka The black David Attenborough”. He is chill and is just vibing and wants to thank those who nominated him.

Jessica Metcalfe

Year: Second year

Course: Accounting and finance

Reasons for nomination:

  1. She knows everyone.
  2. Been kicked out of Sugar a LOT and snuck back in!
  3. Won BNOC at Lonnie winter ball.
  4. Never missed a Sugar Wednesday in second year.

Jessica says she’s been kicked out of Sugar 5 times for falling asleep, playing football with a VK bottle, in which she actually got banned, and being too drunk. She said she snuck into Sugar twice for a netball social – will do anything for a sports social. It is true that she won BNOC at Lonnie’s winter ball and is now competing for the ultimate title of Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC 2020.

Harry Willis

Year: Second year

Course: History and politics

Reasons for nomination:

  1. Sugar Veteran
  2. Serial shagger

Harry commented saying he is indeed a “Sugar veteran” evident from SugarTV and the number of lectures he’s missed due to infamous hangovers. Have to appreciate the dedication. He said that the “serial shagger” claim is false as he’s much more likely to bring home a spicy wings deal from Ado’s, which is an absolute mood!

Ross Carrington

Year: Third year

Course: History and International studies

Reasons for nomination:

  1. He is a father figure

Ross responded by saying he was honoured to be nominated and thinks it’s about time he was recognised in the father-figure community. He said that maybe he just has some really old-man qualities. He went onto say that either people really look up to him or he just gets drunk an awful lot and delivers awful chat, like dads do. He says he’s rocking a dad-bod and loosing hair, so is consistent.

Vote below for who you think is the most notorious BNOC to go through to the semi-final…