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Quizmas day nine: Which Quality Street are you based on your personality?

Merry christmas ur the green triangle

It is finally that time of year when you are in Sainsburys in Lancaster choosing between Heroes, Celebrations, Roses and the inevitable winner of Quality Streets. The royalty of all Christmas chocolates.

As everyone dives in to find their favourites, the coconut eclairs remain at the bottom until that one person who actually likes them demolishes them all in one sitting.

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There is a new edition to Quality Streets: the Chocolate Caramel Brownie. After consuming all of them in the box, it has to be a new favourite along with the orange chocolate crunch.

You either love the cremes or hate them, then you have to decide whether you prefer the strawberry or orange creme. Or just eat both.

There are twelve chocolates in the box and there is always something for everyone. But we all have our own personal favourite. Have you ever wondered which Quality Street you would be based off your personality? Take the quiz below to find out.