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Quizmas day seven: What should I buy for my secret santa?

Lots of love, The Lancs Tab x

It’s nearing the end of term now, which means it’s prime Secret Santa time. For those who aren’t aware, doing Secret Santa in your friendship group means being assigned one person from the group to buy a present for.

You don’t know who’s buying your gift, and they don’t know that you’re buying theirs. It’s all very mysterious, until the second day, of course, when everyone has spilled.

Secret Santa can be an absolutely life-saver for when you can’t afford to buy all of your friends a gift, but it comes with a downside. More often than not, you get the person that you know the least, and that means you never know what to buy for them.

Fear not, because The Lancaster Tab is here to save the day. We know you haven’t bought that gift yet. We know you’re stressed about it. And as your personal Christmas miracle, we’ve decided to give you a helping hand. Answer our quiz below about the attributes of your assigned person, and we’ll give you three gift options, on a budget.

You. Are. Welcome.