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12 days of Quizmas day two: Which Christmas song are you?

Rockin around the christmas quiz

It’s now officially December, which means you can crack open the second door on your advent calendar and participate in The Tab Lancaster’s second instalment of the 12 Days of Quizmas.

Which Christmas Song are You? Obviously the question on everyone’s lips this December. We’re here to provide you with the all important answer.

Maybe you’re chilled and dreamy, like every song on the Michael Bublé album. Or, are you a sassy Mariah Carey, pleading for a new boo to arrive under your Christmas tree? Perhaps, you’re the type to just go rockin’ right around it, with sambuca shots in hand and sparkles on your face.

Whichever you may be, the next time you’re bopping along to the festive playlist in Sugar, screaming out the words to Band-Aid in your car Gavin and Stacey-style or gazing miserably out of the 100-bus window with your earbuds in, you’ll know exactly which Christmas tune best represents you.