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Lanc’s most notorious BNOC: the results

And the winner is…

You've nominated your most notorious BNOCs on campus, and they've slowly been reduced to one, the MOST notorious BNOC at Lancaster! The winner is…

Jake Guria-Garnett

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A word from the BNOC himself…

I only won because I'm a tech head (shoutout to Chabbudz). Happy the girthy people out there are getting the recognition they deserve.

Feel now is a good time to admit that the badger let me win the wrestle so this is built on a lie. It's impossible to wrestle a badger.

Happy to take the title but couldn't have done it without the following:

– Lancaster University Rugby League (big up the Lynx)

– Lancaster University Women's Hockey (big up Toto)

– FGH security (best in the game)

– the Sugar staff (tip them well)

Final thoughts? Toby Holt is the biggest BNOC.


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