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Vote for Lancaster’s Hottest Single: The FINAL

The votes are in

So now the final nine have become the, and it's your time to crown THE official hottest single on campus. Who's your winner?


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Just to jog your memory, this lovely single is a final year linguistics student from Essex (idolising the GC). He even has a tattoo of what is supposed to be his star sign, but it is wrong.

George Nuttall

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George Nuttall

George was a man of very few words, but clearly sometimes in life that gets you far. However, claiming Hustle is better than Sugar is certainly debatable.

Heather Church

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The lovely Heather is a third year English Language student all the way from Bristol! However, the pressures of the almighty diss mean you can find her napping, drinking beer, and procrastinating. She'll even "take you to church" if you vote for her.

Vote time!