Which Mamma Mia! character is your college?

Sorry, but not everyone is a Dancing Queen

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The start of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again shows a young Donna ditching her miserable uni halls for the picturesque, albeit fictional, Isle of Kalokairi. While I’m sure we’ve all considered dropping our degree and running off to a place in the sun once or twice, where would we be without our beloved Lancaster.

College pride is something known to all Lancaster students and interestingly each of the characters from Mamma Mia! seems to bear a striking resemblance to each of the colleges at Lancs. So without further ado, let's Supertrouper our way through the list.

County – Donna

Donna Sheridan

In the same way that Donna is drawn to men, arty students are drawn to County. Who could resist that two minute walk to LICA? Donna herself seems to reflect the way most County students dress, rocking those delightful denim dungarees with artistic ease.

Everyone knows the County chant and we embrace it, Donna shagged three guys in one weekend and most people from County have probably done the same. Donna is the star of The Dynamos and she’s never afraid to hide her light. So what if all the other Colleges think County are "c*nts", at least they're not from Bowland.

Pendle – Sophie

Sophie Sheridan

Sophie spends the first movie Mamma Mia! and its sequel constantly searching and begging for validation. She needs to find out which one of Donna’s old flings is her father and then feels the need to build and ensure her hotel is a success, in her mother’s memory in Here We Go Again! (The title perfectly reflects how the audience feel after Sophie’s next desperate attempt for approval).

Much like Sophie, Pendle students seem to fight to the death to keep their bar open, despite the fact that no one actually seems to use it. Come on Soph and Pendle, it’s time to move on and just go for a drink at Grizedale Bar.

Grizedale – Tanya


Tanya is easily the best character in Mamma Mia. She’s flawless, sassy and always has a drink in her hand (what a gal). Grizedale too possess all these traits – it’s a well-known fact they have the best bar, they throw the best extravs and probably have the fittest students on campus.

While the rest of the characters wear Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops to Sophie’s grand opening of the Hotel Bella Donna in Here We Go Again, Tanya wears a ball gown. She makes everyone else look inferior, much like every other college at a Grizedale event.

Bowland – Rosie


Ah Rosie, the comic relief of the films. Much like Bowland, she’s essentially the one we laugh at, rather than with. Rosie spends the first film trying to hunt down Bill to be her lover, despite her friend Donna already shagging him first. But she doesn’t mind, second place is better than no place at all.

Truly, this must be how Bowland feels when they come second every year to Lonsdale during Founders, despite it only being a two college competition. Poor Rosie, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Lonsdale – Bill


We find out in the second film that Bill is a fuckboy who ditched Rosie, who hunted him like a ravenous beast for a younger model (poor Bowland) and if this isn’t Lonsdale then I don’t know what is.

Lonsdale College have the reputation of being the "top shaggers" on campus. You convince yourself that you’re in love, but they’re just looking for their next conquest. Bill is usually seen on a boat, searching for his next high, a bit like a Lonnie student looking for a new drug to take to make sugar seem that bit more bearable.

Fylde – Sam


I doubt that anyone thought after seeing Mamma Mia! or Here We Go Again!, that Sam was their favourite character. He’s nice, he’s charming, his singing is sub-par and he was engaged to another woman, whilst seeing Young Donna (but let’s forget about her).

A bit like Fylde really, it’s a nice college with a decent bar, but other than that you walk through it like an ex you don’t want to remember. Poor Donna has to settle with Sam because he was the best of a bad bunch – Bill’s a fuckboy and Harry’s gay, poor girl really didn’t have a choice did she, must be how Fylde students feel when they get rejected from Grizedale.

Furness – Sky


Furness is perhaps the prettiest of all the colleges in Lancaster, it has a lovely courtyard and its accommodation blocks are always featured on the uni prospectus guides. But a bit like Sky, Sophie’s sort-of-boyfriend, sort-of-husband, Furness is largely forgettable.

Cartmel – Sophie’s Two friends

Sophie's friends

If you can remember these gals names you’re sadder than I am. These bitches didn’t even return for Sophie's grand opening of Hotel Bella Donna, how selfish can you get? They provide a couple of background harmonies for Sophie in the first film, which is really more than you can expect from someone from Cartmel.

Grad – Sophie's Grandma AKA Cher


Honestly, what are you doing here? Everyone knows that grad students are here because they are scared to enter the real world of work but it’s time to fly the nest. The same goes for Donna’s mum, who shows up for the last 10 minutes of Here We Go Again! and offers nothing to the story. Why are you here and isn't it time to leave?

One of the closing songs in Mamma Mia! depicts Sam (badly) crooning Donna, his new bride, a soft rendition of 'When All Is Said and Done' and like the title suggests, we are too. Nine colleges, nine characters and a whole lot of ABBA. Whilst gloomy Lancs may not quite be the Isle of Kalokairi, there's one thing for sure, we wouldn't change our college system for the world.