Lonsdale fresher dives into postgraduate pond

It’s David Gatward meets Michael Phelps

A fresher who lost a game of odds ended his night swimming in the grimy postgrad pond.

Whilst many students would finish the night with a guilty trip to Sultans, Lonsdale fresher, Reserve Lancaster Bomber QB, Aquaman, Josh Cowie ended his with a destructive splash into the stinking Postgraduate pond.


Merman of Postgrad

Mr Cowie, newly titled Wild Man of the Lakes, discussed how his plunge into the lake was a consequence of a lost bet from the game odds on.

The merman himself said what he thought of his new hobby: “Well I was a crate of bud and six vodka shots down so it was a fucking great idea at the time but it was beyond freezing and gammy in there.”

When asked whether he would be game for another round he replied: “Odds on for Wednesday?”

Connor Chudleigh, Business and Finance student as well as Josh’s housemate, said: “Personally I think he’s a fuckboy.”

His other housemate Sophie England, a Medicine student, said: “He literally stunk of shit.”


Big Man Josh

Odds on is a classic game where you think of an awful dare/bet for your friend to do and you try to get them to do this dare by loosing odds.

Josh was challenged “odds on to jump into post-grad pond” in which the odds of 1-20 was established. On the count of three, the challenger and Josh have to say a number between 1-20 at the same time, saying the same number results in the person having to do the bet.

This time for josh, lucky 17 wasn’t so lucky.


Anyone fancy a dip?

In great spirit – it was reported that afterwards Josh trooped straight to Lonsdale bar for a pint.