The Queen visits Lancaster to celebrate 750th anniversary

She didn’t take any selfies

Queen Liz got a right royal welcome on Friday, as students all over Lancaster threw down their revision notes to join the crowds awaiting the appearance of her royal highness.

Arriving just after 10am – by royal train no less – the Queen was driven through the flag-waving crowds up to the castle.

HRH was here to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the creation of her role as Duchy of Lancaster.

It even rained to ensure she got to witness the full Lancaster experience.

Lizzie was taken on a tour of the castle and was entertained with a Shakespeare play.

She was then presented with a bunch of red roses as a symbol of our fair city.

Dressed in an elegant turquoise number with a swanky matching umbrella in hand, Queeny was welcomed by a huge crowd students and locals.

German and Politics second year Hayley Borkowska was among the throng. She said: “It was my first royal event, it was nice despite the rain, a bit out of the ordinary to be stood waiting for the Queen to arrive and I did feel quite patriotic which I’m not usually.”

Others had their royal experience dampened by impending exams. English Lit and History second year Tess Clark moaned: “I was a bit curious as to why she was coming but aside from that, it didn’t particularly bother me. I just needed to make sure I got to my exam with the closed roads.”

Unfortunately Her Maj did turn down an invite to Sugar’s Friday night.