Five hospitalised at Grizedale after taking legal high ‘Spice’

Two are in a critical condition


Five Grizedale students were rushed to hospital last night after smoking dodgy cannabis substitute Spice.

Police were called to Grizedale Townhouses between 6 and 7pm after the drugs alert.

Two of the students are in a critical condition.

The group had become ill after taking synthetic drug called “Spice”.

The university sent out an alert at around 9pm last night, urging anyone else who had taken the drug to check on their friends and call 999 if necessary.

“Spice” is a cannabis substitute and can have serious side-effects.

Cops walking to Grizedale houses

A spokesperson for the university told the Guardian police had called university authorities to tell them the students, who are understood to all know each other, had been taken to the Royal Lancaster Hospital.

She said: “We’ve got five students who have been taken to hospital with a suspicion that they had taken the drug.

“Of the five, we know that two of them are seriously ill.”

In an email this morning, the university confirmed: “Shortly after 6.30pm yesterday evening police were called to campus following reports that five students had been admitted into Royal Lancaster Infirmary after taking an unknown substance.

“The University issued a warning to students. Due to the serious conditions of the students and the fact the substance could not be confirmed as legal, officers attended the university to carry out a search of the students’ rooms.

“Two of the students remain in hospital, and three students have since been discharged.

“Enquiries are on-going to identify the exact nature of the substance.”

Spice was previously a “legal high” which was outlawed and given a B classification in 2009. It can cause rapid heart rate, vomiting, agitation, confusion, and hallucinations.

Also known as “The Devil’s Weed” or “Black Mamba”, the drug looks similar to a bog standard rolled cigarette, but has no scent and evades drug tests.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Lancaster Constabulary has confirmed: “Shortly after 6.30pm yesterday evening (Wednesday, May 20) police were called following reports that five students, all aged 19 yrs, had been admitted into Royal Lancaster Infirmary after taking an unknown substance.

“Three of the students have since been discharged from hospital. Two remain in hospital who are conscious in a stable condition.

“Police are working closely with Lancaster University and the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and enquiries are on-going to identify the exact nature of the substance, which at this stage appears to be some form of cannabis substitute.”