P-E-N-D-L-E is the best college and you know it

James May was in Pendle, so you know it’s good

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Pendle is the best college in the whole of Lancaster university, and you know it.

Members of the college are carefully selected to become one of the “Pendlites” – only the creme de la creme get into Pendle, so you have to be one of the elite.

Thus, after being accepted you are able to inhabit on of the most diverse communities on campus. Any Pendlite can choose to live in either Posh or Ghetto (its a Pendle thing).

This determines the way you experience your Pendle life and regardless of which you live in, your life will encompass much adventure from running to Pendle steps to get your ASDA delivery (it is acceptable to do this in socks) or running to the porters because you have locked yourself out again (socks also acceptable here).

Then of course there is Pendle pond and its duck occupants. Few outsiders know of Pendle pond or whereabouts. The secret is that Pendle pond only reveals itself in the harshest of weather conditions (basically it floods) but I guess you would know that if you were in Pendle…

The Great Pond of Pendle

It also makes a great sun lounger in the summer on the odd day that Lancaster actually receives any sun light.

Up next is Pendle bar which, although it’s infamous for never being open (it does open sometimes honest), offers a range of activities. Upstairs holds possibly the comfiest sofas you will ever sit on- great for sneaking your take away in and better than any and all other college bars.

Pendle also has the best sports teams across campus. They play hard and party harder. The Pendle B footballers have just won their league and the netball A team are second in their league which counts as winning (stupid unbeatable Fylde).

There’s only onnneee Pendle College…

Pendle’s parties are also legendary, leaving all other colleges in the dust. Last  year’s extravaganza was the most spectacular cave man party the world has ever experienced, dinosaurs were bulging out of the fences – the bar was both open and heaving too.

Pendle is on the outskirts of campus, but not too far that you have to leg it to your lectures (ahem…Cartmel and Lonsdale). Unlike Fylde, it’s not just famous for its sport, and its accommodation is nicer than Bowland.

Face it, Pendle is the place to be.