London Varsity football match result to be decided by online FIFA tournament

The match will take place next week

After the final game of the London 2020, Varsity Series was cancelled due to coronavirus, the match result will be decided by an online FIFA tournament instead.

The match will take place on Friday 10th April and will be live-streamed on KCLFC, KCLWFC and The Tab King’s Instagrams.

Whilst all teams were disappointed that face-to-face match would be cancelled, each team decided an online FIFA tournament would be the best way forward to complete the 2020 Varisty Series.

Sabina Hollywood, the striker for KCLWFC varsity team told The Tab King’s:

“It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t have reclaimed the varsity title the conventional way but we’re looking forward to beating the Godless scum through a classic game of FIFA.

“Hopefully, they actually turn up & don’t flake again.”

Varsity Captain of the men’s team Conor Bassett added: “Obviously, it’s disappointing that the big one got cancelled. At least now we’ve got an opportunity to put UCL in their place.

“We’ve got a few handy semi-pro FIFA players in the squad, and although it won’t be the same putting those hefty challenges in electronically, it’ll be good to take the virtual trophy home. We’re expecting a tough clash, but we fancy ourselves winners.”

Each team will nominate one player to tackle a UCL player for the online tournament.

The timings for the tournaments will be confirmed in the next few days and will be posted on the 2020 London Varsity website.

This is an April fool you muppet.

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