King’s Swimming is ready to leave UCL in their wake at Varsity

Blub blub x

High speed. High stakes. There's no shortage of competitive spirit in our team this year- King's is thirsty for victory and ready to show UCL what we're really made of.

Now meet the team:

President: Ciaran 'Rugby Boy' O’Hanlon

Image may contain: Pants, Sleeve, Man, T-Shirt, Person, Human, Clothing, Apparel

"How the hell is he our president?!"

Men’s Captain: Daniel 'I’m going home' Parker

Image may contain: Restaurant, Smoothie, Juice, Drink, Beverage, Person, Human, Cake, Icing, Food, Creme, Dessert, Cream

He came, he drank, he left.

Women’s Captain: Ellie 'Ygritte' Shields

Image may contain: Food, Restaurant, Drink, Beverage, Chair, Furniture, Plant, Human, Person

"You know nothing."

Kelly 'Bird whisperer' Chu

Image may contain: Animal, Bird, Person, Human, Footwear, Shoe, Clothing, Apparel

Why do people always think her name is Gabs?

Tom 'Cony-nips' French

Image may contain: Cliff, Soil, Apparel, Clothing, Archaeology, Ground, Mesa, Mountain, Person, Human, Outdoors, Nature

What hasn't he done…?

Oliver 'King of Kenya' Muhoho

Image may contain: Hat, Human, Person, Tuxedo, Tie, Accessories, Accessory, Overcoat, Suit, Coat, Apparel, Clothing

The only race he'll do is the DC challenge.

Kevin 'Beast' Ranaweera

Image may contain: Animal, Cattle, Mammal, Cow, Tree, Plant, Face, Person, Human

But in reality he's more Belle than Beast.

Raff 'lil’ Fael' Ryder

Image may contain: People, Hair, Human, Person, Face

Subscribe now: JNRVLOGS.

Manson 'lil’ Mak' Mak

Image may contain: Dinner, Supper, Glass, People, Cafeteria, Buffet, Face, Juice, Beverage, Drink, Dish, Home Decor, Restaurant, Table, Furniture, Dining Table, Food, Meal, Human, Person

He loves a good Smash…Smash Bros

Lucy 'the Fresher' Galoppa

Image may contain: Necklace, Jewelry, Accessories, Accessory, Face, Apparel, Clothing, Hair, Person, Human

She's where the Wild Things are

Beth 'Frogger' Sloan

Image may contain: Cafeteria, Bar Counter, Pub, Cafe, Food Court, Food, Person, Human, Restaurant

Sloan more like Slayin'

Artur 'tall Boi' Akulenko

Image may contain: Jacket, Plateau, Standing, Mountain, Coat, Human, Person, Nature, Clothing, Apparel, Outdoors

He swims…and drinks…like a fish.

Gonzalo 'Half-pint' Leon-Gnziz

Image may contain: Undershirt, Icing, Cake, Dessert, Cream, Food, Creme, Head, Clothing, Apparel, Face, Human, Person

Carb loads three times his weight in beer.

Cedric 'G+T' Demmer

Image may contain: Electronics, Computer, Pc, Face, Finger, Accessory, Glasses, Accessories, Person, Human

This gramps can drink you under the table.

Rusha 'Not Russia' Mondal

Image may contain: Sitting, Alcohol, Beverage, Drink, Glass, Clothing, Apparel, Couch, Person, Human, Chair, Furniture

"Dihydrogen monoxide is a dangerous substance."

Ellie 'Never' Heard

Image may contain: Zoo, Vacation, Face, Female, Apparel, Clothing, Outdoors, Lawn, Park, Tree, Grass, Vegetation, Plant, Person, Human, Wildlife, Elephant, Mammal, Animal

…of her? You're about to!

The event starts at 17:00 on Saturday 9th March and is hosted at York Leisure Centre, Bethnal Green. Bring your friends, flatmates, and that funny lookin' cousin. Tickets available here.