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We found out how KCL students are preparing for spring in their outfit choices this week

Thank Christ it’s not snowing anymore

Besides the classic UCU official picket armbands, King's campus has been wearing some truly iconic looks this spring. And after the few miserable days of snow last week, KCL students have sported an abnormal (but welcome) amount of color, especially considering that we're Londoners.

Spring might be here, but that doesn't mean we don't need jackets still. Here are some of the brightest and boldest outerwear we found:

Niuta, second year, Comparative Literature and Film Studies

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Diana, MA in International Political Economy

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Hannah, third year, Journalism exchange student

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Skandar, second year, Politics

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Jack, third year, Computer Science

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Visnja, MA in Digital Assets and Media Management

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Rob, third year, Philosophy

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Laura, MA in History

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Keep being your best dressed selves, our weekly articles are back! Let's be the most fashionable uni in London – LSE students only wear their own merch anyway…