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KCL is one of the most active unis on Bumble, so you can definitely find love in London

Fancy a pint at ‘front?

If you’re wondering why your KCL Tinder matches have been drying up recently, maybe it’s because they’ve all migrated to Bumble.

For the uninitiated, Bumble is much like any dating app, except the girls have to message first. Of course, if guy-on-girl relationships aren’t your thing, then Bumble probably isn’t either.

Recently published statistics show that King’s is eighth on the list of most active unis on the app, just behind Oxford, with Bristol proving the biggest Bumble enthusiasts.

In fact, you’ll probably rake in the UCL matches, as they’re third on the list. What are you waiting for? You’ve only got another four months of romantic Waterfront pints. Get Swiping.

Read the full list below:

1. Bristol

2. Exeter

3. UCL

4. Nottingham

5. Leeds

6. Birmingham

7. Oxford

8. King’s

9. Cambridge

10. Oxford Brookes