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Here is a definitive list of the best locations to do your work in the Maughan

You’ll only get a place in the Round Reading Room at 6am

Everyone knows a good study environment can have a positive effect on your work. With January deadlines coming round, the Maughan is going to be packed like Oxford Circus Station in rush hour, and you don't want to waste your time looking for a seat, right?

We've come up with a definitive list of the best places to sit at our precious library, and if we walk in tomorrow morning to find none left… shame on us for giving our secrets away.

The first and second floor mezzanines

The fact that you're elevated above the heads of the first and second floor library users and can only distantly hear their coughs, mutterings and cries of pain, just makes you feel slightly superior. You're physically higher up and therefore can class yourself as higher class Maughan library user. On a more serious note, if you're in need of a seat, head on up here, there's almost always a free one.

The booths on the second floor

On your departure from the second floor lift, you witness a miracle in motion: a booth is free. But on your approach, at the very last moment, you see someone sat in the booth who was previously out of your eyeline. You curse under your breath and awkwardly walk away.

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Our first and last time in one of the booths.

The room in-between 2M.16 and 2M.20

A little obscure in its location, but undoubtedly worth the expedition through the library to find. Enjoy the view of the gardens or try and prove you're studying with an aesthetic picture through the library windows.

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The elusive study carrels

Follow the signs for undergraduate study rooms from either the first or second floors. They're a great place for those who enjoy working in complete silence with no distractions; only a wall to stare at and yourself to chat to. Make your way up the stairs of the tower, into your booth and shut the glass door behind you. You can finally watch Netflix in the library with no fear of judgement.

The Round Reading Room

As a fresher, I made the mistake of walking in here only to walk straight back out. How naive and uneducated I was. It's always full, so if you've ever got a seat in here, I salute you.

The Health and Wellbeing room (Room 2.24)

After the copious amounts of studying you've been doing, in here you can de-stress, relax and unwind (or work some more if you're into that). Peruse the shelves of wellbeing books if you fancy or stretch out on a bean bag. You've earned it.

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Hopefully you've found a new place to sit and cram for your exams or to furiously bash out your coursework for an impending deadline. And if not, just invade UCL's library and make them feel inferior.