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King’s has made over £385k in the last three years out of library fines

Forgetting to return our books has made them the most profit out of any university in London

The BBC has reported today that for the past three years, King's College has been the most profiting university from library fines out of 21 universities based in London.

Because of our lateness, forgetfulness and probably laziness, the university has made £388,602.06, which contributes the most to the total of £3,030,128 from all 21 universities.

The Maughan Library, on their university page, explain the fines grow from 10p per day

for four week loans, but one week loans are 30p per day. The fines are capped at £20 per item, yet you cannot take any more books out if you have over £30 of fines on your account. They even stop you graduating if you don't pay.

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The university claim they inform students repeatedly of due dates through initial book transactions and receipts, and 'library services' emails 2 days before they are due to further remind students.

The second most profitable university was Middlesex, with £336,494 in collected library fines.

However universities such as Westminster made £0, as they stopped issuing fines in the "90s", instead introducing a system where they block students borrowing books for a time.

It is no doubt that worrying about fines is one of the main things on students minds, yet is this system just draining students at the times they can't afford it?

The Tab King's has contacted the university for a quote.