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King’s is having a ‘Consent Week’ this month

Keep your awareness in check

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KCL It Stops Here is having a 'Consent Week' this month, starting on Monday 27th, in hopes of helping "to build a safe and inclusive environment where sexual harassment is never acceptable" at King's and SU spaces.

The KCL and KCLSU campaign recently launched in the beginning of this academic year, as recent NUS research reported that "more than a third of women reported that they have suffered unwelcome advances in the form of groping and touching."

The week will host a variety of events, ranging from talks, workshops and training. All events are free and students are welcome to attend and sign up on their website.

As well as providing free events, the campaign encourages King's students and staff members to 'take the pledge' and actively participate, "to help you understand sexual consent […] to support you in thinking about your own boundaries and how to talk about them, [and] to demonstrate different ways you could step in if you see or hear something you’re uncomfortable with and make your university community a better place."

Students are also able to report any concerns or issues they have concerning bullying, sexual, physical or verbal harassment, through an anonymous platform on their website, so that King's can use the feedback to provide a safer space for all students and staff.