We’ve created Spotify playlists for every single type of student at King’s

There’s no hiding your phone now

We all hate to talk about stereotypes, claiming it's offensive and everyone is individual in their own. Well, we're calling bullshit, because if you are or have ever been a student at King's, you know there a few types that you just can't get away from, and their music taste is a pretty good glimpse into what they represent.

So here are the ones we regularly recognise around our campuses and what they're definitely listening to (it's science, trust it).

The girl smoking outside the strand with a black coffee in her hand wearing loafers and an oversized blazer

Playlists are far too mainstream. Johnny Cash is only authentic when listened on Vinyl. They also mention unknown alternative bands, and look at you with disbelief when you don’t happen to know them.

Listening in lectures is way too mainstream.

The Etonian who never fails to mention his complete aged wine collection and love of gilets

Preppy College Life. This playlist would be featuring the likes of 'Campus' by Vampire Weekend, ‘Chocolate’ by The 1975, and 'Greek Tragedy' by The Wombats. They pretend to know all of the ‘alternative’ music but only really know the No.1s.

Guaranteed to be played at daddy's work party

The sports boys who love every opportunity to done their fancy dress at Piccadilly Institute

Sports night is their haven. Featuring songs such as ‘All I Do is Win’ by DJ Khalid and ‘Champions’ by Kanye West, pretty much guaranteeing all the 'EXPLICIT' ones. This is usually enjoyed while initiating all the new freshers with a bottle of Jacks Cider taped to each hand.


The law students, who probably just live in the Maughan

This lot live in the library (and tbf this applies to all students going through finals!). Therefore, a good old Revision Ballad puts them in the mood for an all-nighter. Mainly featuring artists such as James Bay and Years & Years.

Are you even a student if you're not procrastinating in the library?

Those philosophy students, who we’re not 100% are smoking just tobacco (or more)

Reggae Playlist – featuring Bob Marley and UB40. Any slow tempo sound will put these guys in a loving mood.

Don't worry, be happy

The guy gurning at every night student night out possible even if it is at infernos or some other cheesy night club

Electro/House/EDM – featuring songs such as ‘Helicopter’ by Martin Garrix and ‘Levels’ by Avicii. This guy jumps at every opportunity to see MK live and also believes that he is a top-level DJ whilst at pre-drinks.

Obviously played on loop at pres

The girls that turns up to every lecture (even the dreaded 9ams) in workout gear, prepared with her high protein smoothie

“You Can Do It” playlist – featuring such songs like ‘Came Here For Love’ by Sigala, ‘The Girl is Mine’ ft Destiny’s Child and 99 Souls, and of course ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen. She lives for fitness, and is one of the few people at King's who love that none of the lifts work. She most likely has a #fitspo Instagram account which is full of food pics and selfies in gym leggings.

#cleaneating #womensbest

The medical students, who after being there for almost 6 years knows Guys Campus like the back of their hands

This lot are far too busy, and also too old, to be getting involved in the Freshers antics. They’d much rather head to the pub with some good old fashioned Pub Classics, featuring songs such as ‘Born in the USA’ by Bruce Springstein and ‘Girls on Film’ by Duran Duran.

What night is quiz night again?

The girls who drink too much cheap rose wine at pre-drinks and end up not making it out, whilst they huddle over the toilet and cry about their ex-boyfriend

Anything with Taylor Swift. And she’s FINALLY on spotify. These gals know all of Taylor’s songs inside out, and don’t you dare tell them that you don’t like Taylor because they are practically in her #girlsquad.

There'll be no bad blood with this playlist

Make sure the next time you use your Spotify account you take a look at your 'friends nearby' column, you may find out more about them through the music they listen to, than what they spout in a drunken stupor.