There’s a treasure hunt happening in ALL King’s libraries this week

I hope the prizes aren’t books

King's Libraries revealed on their Twitter account that there's a library-wide treasure hunt going on all throughout this week, with prizes to be won by those who successfully partake in it.

The treasure hunt is happening as a partnership with King's Wellbeing and as a part of KCLSU's Wellbeing Week, and the rules seem pretty simple.

Although we're not sure what the prizes are, let's be honest, are we really going to say no to free stuff? To get a prize, students need to find stars hidden within any of the four King's libraries:

"Once you find a star take a selfie with it and post it to social media […] Find 1-3 stars for a chance to win one of four SILVER PRIZES. Find all 4 and you may win our GOLD PRIZE!"

King's Libraries have tweeted out teasing a couple of their prizes, which include an Amazon Fire tablet and a £25 Amazon voucher.

Full list of prizes and more info can be found here.