All the little things you’ve missed this summer about living in London

Life just isn’t worth living without Guys Bar and Night Tube

Come back to me, London. I’m sorry for all the things I said when I’d just shoved my way off the overcrowded tube. For the words I spat through gritted teeth every time I paid £5 for a pint. For the exasperated sighs I uttered when trying to get a group of tourists to move out of my way, and for the grimace I made when being dragged to Oxford Street on a Saturday morning.

I’m sorry. I miss you. No no, don’t say anything. I love you, I truly do.

It's time to head back to uni soon, and we've definitely missed all of these things about our favourite city we now call home (to our parents' misery).

Your Londoner besties/utter wastemen of flatmates

Those people who help you get through all the little crappy things about everyday life in London. The people you watch Bake Off with, those who’ll argue with you over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, and the ones who own incriminating evidence of you in the form of pictures and videos and from nights out – and vice versa.

Guys Bar

Even though a trip to Guys Bar means that you’ll spend half the night waiting in line and the rest of the night trying to unstick your shoes from the drink-spattered floor, there is something to be said for walking into what essentially looks like a place where you’d host a school disco – except everyone is wasted.

just around the corner lies your cheap af salvation

just around the corner lies your cheap af salvation

The Maughan Building

"Yeah, it’s no big deal, that’s just the library", you say smugly to your friends who are visiting you at university. "I go there all the time", you say, when really you’ve only been into the reading room twice and it was way too intense for you. And you’ve definitely got lost trying to find somewhere else to sit and just given up and gone home.

All the areas you can utilise to do what uni students are the best at – drinking and spending money

As a university student in London, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to clubbing and bars – every night of the week here is like the best Friday night in your hometown. Not that this means you can always afford it (keepin’ it realistic here), but £3 entry for Ministry on a Tuesday is something you literally can’t get anywhere else.

Hello dad, yes I seem to have spent my student loan on cheap cocktails

Hello dad, yes I seem to have spent my student loan on cheap cocktails

Never needing to see the person you pulled from the night before again

Unless they’re in your course or you’ve made the awful decision to shit where you eat and shag a flatmate, chances are you won’t see your one night stand again. London is huge, and you definitely won’t take up their invite to come and visit them all the way out in Bromley.

The amazing public transport

Sure, it’s bloody awful when you actually live in London and you’d rather die than try and get on the Northern Line at 9am, but not being in London over the summer means you don’t have to take the actual death trap which is the Central Line in August. And you’ll begin to miss the efficiency and ease of the Tube. Also, God Bless the night bus.

God Bless TfL.

Night Tube is everything but I also can't remember if it really exists

Night Tube is everything but I also can't remember if it really exists

How many times do you look up and see how beautiful London actually is?

Walking past the London Eye every day on your way to uni (or maybe three times a week, if you can be bothered) is something we can take for granted sometimes, and something you’ll miss when the biggest attraction in your hometown is the town hall or the leisure centre.

Of course you don’t sightsee, you’re a Londoner – but a little meander through Covent Garden every now and then doesn’t do any harm.

Swear it doesn't all look like this

Swear it doesn't all look like this

Feeling above everyone else because of your local knowledge

Tutting loudly when you’re trying to pass tourists on Waterloo Bridge, breezily taking the Tube without having to check CityMapper, reminding all your other friends every 10 minutes that you live in London – and then remembering that you’re stuck in your hometown for the summer, and you’re just like everybody else. Yes, I’m aware that makes me sound a bit pretentious, but at least I know to stand on the right – yeah, I'm looking at you, Jessica.

"Yah the Shard is actually my back garden"

"Yah the Shard is actually my back garden"

Living your own life cause damn it mum, I’m an adult now

There’s nothing quite like feeling you’re an independent young adult in a city like London, and independent means I will wake up at 2pm and eat cheesy potatoes for dinner if I feel like it. Freedom of choice, even a choice as small as that, is slightly more limited when you’re spending the summer elsewhere.

There's nothing quite like living where it feels like it's all happening, and we can't wait to come back to London in September.