Stop what you’re doing: Krispy Kreme are giving out free boxes of doughnuts in London

Get to your nearest Tube stop

Krispy Kreme are handing out free boxes of their original doughnuts in various London tube stations, with twelve in each box.

It’s part of their celebration of #80yearsofsmiles, from the beginning of delicious doughnut making in 1937.

The Tab spoke to Krispy Kreme to find out more, but the promotion is functioning on a mystery basis across London.

However if you take a picture promoting the hashtag, you could win another whole box

The weather in London has been bleak today. It’s the second of August, it’s pissing it down and somewhere it’s cocktail hour on the beach in 40 degree sun. So go and get down to your nearest tube station to see if you can get a free box.