These students dressed up as Louis Theroux and it was the best thing ever

He replied!

Last night, second year Gloucestershire student, Rachael Fry, was contemplating what it would be like if the documentary king himself saw what they were up to in their wigs.

Can you guess what happened when she tweeted a photo of Louis Theroux’ missing sextuplets?

Speaking to The Tab, she told us:

“The dress-up was for my friend Safeena’s birthday (who also dressed up as Louis), we looked at a lot of pictures to decide the pose and we saw he did the ‘deep-in-thought’ one once.

“The costumes didn’t take long to make, we just bought the wigs and cut them. The checked shirts we had ourselves but we did have personalised Louis Theroux t-shirts underneath.

I felt very shocked when Louis shared my tweet and surprised but so happy he had seen it and replied. I literally said the night before if Louis ever noticed our crew it would be the best thing.”