Meet the candidates running for President

Free education?

Why should we vote for you?

Anna Smith: I want to use my frustration with king’s to do something positive and make the SU and more inclusive and student centered entity.

Charlie Protheroe: I’m grounded, broadminded, and with a good sense of perspective of what students want from their university: fun and education.

Karina Djokova:  I’ve been working extensively to improve students’ opportunities and employability in a personal NGO endeavour and while working in an EdTech startup – I’m familiar with the way real life mechanisms work in that aspect.

Mandy Mahil: I’m fighting to ensure we don’t take a back seat on issues that affect us, whether this is on education, funding or access to jobs of the future.

Momin Saqib: My work as the Vice President for Activities this year has demonstrated dedication and sincerity towards all the students and thus I want to continue with the efforts to enhance the student experience and initiate the required change


Name one skill that will help you in this position

Anna Smith: I’ve led and been involved in many campaigns whilst I’ve been at King’s and I want to use the resourcefulness and adaption I have gained through this as President.

Charlie Protheroe: The skill that will help most is my good, common sense leadership.

Karina Djokova: I’m an innovator – I’m always looking for a new way to crack a persistent problem, usually by combining art and science.

Mandy Mahil: Assertiveness!!!

Momin Saqib: Democratic, people-orientated and empowering leadership skills I am someone who would go an extra mile to make sure that the student voice is heard!! I won’t stop listening!!

What’s the first thing you’ll change as President?

Anna Smith: My priority is restructuring the mental health services that are failing students, for example by increasing staff capacity, removing the need for reapplications and removing the cap of 6 hours per referral.

Charlie Protheroe: I believe all my policies are achievable and ones such as helping sports teams can be accomplished very quickly, but the first thing I hope to achieve is an end to the paternalistic and non-inclusive “smoke free campus”.

Karina Djokova: I think we can make a better use of what we already have – I will work on creating more opportunities for students, depending on their goals and needs, by utilising the business and alumni connections our university has.

Mandy Mahil: I really want to make sure our students are rewarded for their extra curricular activities and that their participation enhances their employment prospects.

Momin Saqib: Update my bio information on Facebook from VP to President

You all mention free education, loan caps and so forth. The council voted to raise the fees, are you promising the impossible?

Anna Smith: Not at all – we can’t just sit back and accept the norm, King’s is well within their capacity to cap the fees and students have the right to make their voices heard.

Charlie Protheroe: I’m not mentioning any of those things, as to promise any of them would indeed be promising the impossible. All I am saying is that the SU should speak out against changes to our loans, bringing the issue into into the national spotlight, as no one is currently sticking up for students in the face of the only loan agreement in the country which is liable to be (and has been!) changed after being signed.

Karina Djokova:  I haven’t promised any of those things, since I don’t like misleading people for my own personal gain – if I don’t win, that’s fine – I can work on optimising your opportunities and developing your skills, I will also voice your opinions and needs, but I won’t lie to you – look at the world, too many are already doing that.

Mandy Mahil: My aspiration is to see tuition fees abolished and if students elect me on my manifesto pledging to campaign for free education then that is exactly what I will do.

Momin Saqib: I believe in stopping the rise for students both home and international hence we will always be passionate about voicing our opinion and fighting for that

Voting: 6th-9th March