There’s no contest, The South West is the best place to live in the UK

Stop kidding yourself

Although the South West tends to get a bad rep, it’s well known that the Cornish pasties alone are reason enough to visit. But from the scenic views of Dartmoor and Cornwall, to the greatest nights out, it’s not hard to see why the South West is best.

You have a connection to everyone

Living in a small city means you will inevitably have a connection to everyone. Whether they’re a friend of a friend or a distant relative, it calls for exciting reunions and plenty to talk about.

However, the downfall of such closeness means a one night stand never stays a one night stand. Whilst you may think it was just some randomer that you can forget all about, it’s guaranteed that a friend of yours will know exactly who they are, and you will never live it down.

Photo credit: Cuba

The food

From traditional Cornish pasties to the freshest fish and chips, the food is something that you cannot beat.

The cream tea debate may be the only thing that tears the us apart. With the Cornish arguing it’s the jam that goes first, the Devonshire stick by the cream. Although Londoners may be arguing over who has the most expensive rent, the people down these ends have something much more important on their minds.


The luxury of living in the South West means you have the perks of city life, but when you want to get away, the moors are simply up the road. With miles and miles of greenland, it truly is beautiful. Not only is it somewhere to grab a classic selfie with your favourite farm animal, but POTM (party on the moors) was a tradition you didn’t want to miss.

The nightlife

There’s no need to just pick one club for the whole night, or worry about catching the last train home. With just a five minute taxi, you’ll be in the heart of all the best places. From the likes of Revs and Pryzm, to your classic Wetherspoon, you’re guaranteed to end the night throwing up on the pavement at 6am, while your best mate is eating cheesy chips from your favourite chippy.

The best summers

With beaches on your doorstep and the weirdest festivals, there is no better place to spend your summer. Whilst many think the little villages of Cornwall are boring, they hold some of the best views you’ll ever see, along with an ice cream shop on every corner. Not only this, but the festivals nearby hold on to traditions with activities like pasty making. Where else does that happen?