We asked you for your maddest stories from first term

‘I drank too much and I vomited into a cup and then I drank the vomit’


Although King’s has a reputation for working hard, playing hard is also at the top of our agenda. From stories of jumping off buildings, getting kicked out of clubs, pond mishaps, and lack of LAD Bible-esque behaviour, we spoke to some students about just how weird, or disappointing, things were during Freshers’ Week this year.

Faye Fearon, second year, English and Federica Potenza, second year, Liberal Arts

Federica: I know someone where Freshers’ messed with her brain so much that she tried to jump off a roof. She drank so much that it literally affected her that she didn’t sleep at all, but obviously that’s a strange case.

Faye: I remember going out every night and you’d meet someone in the morning and you’d be like “do you wanna go out tonight?” which is nice, because it’s nice to meet so many people – that’s what uni is about. I guess that is weird.

Artemis Adamantopoulou (right), first year, Comparative Lit

I drank a beer, and I was kicked out of a few clubs because I wasn’t 18, because you guys suck here. Belgium is better.

Elijah Laino, first year, English

I walked down the street using a street sign as a shield.

Nicole, second year, English

I drank too much and I vomited into a cup and then I drank the vomit.

Reina Chan, first year, International Relations

Freshers’ Week was shit. It was so not what I expected because I thought first term was supposed to be mad. But you got to meet so many people and there were so many events, so you could meet new people from different departments.

Ayo Olukoya, second year Political Economy and Dimitri Docherty, first year, Philosophy

Dimitri: I flicked a card all the way down my lecture hall. You should’ve seen, it went all the way down.

Ayo: A guy at Champion Hill fell into the pond during Freshers’ and his friend pulled him out. Apart from that, nothing exciting. Sorry about that.

Louise Tardif, first year, English and Film

I’m actually quite disappointed because I didn’t see anything that weird. I was expecting more LAD Bible material.