Everything that happens when you go to Roxy

It’s legendary


Roxy is a favourite for a night out. From student discount to £1 entry on the mailing list, it’s perfect for any student that is in dire need of a cheap night out. With its legendary pitchers and usual drink deals, it’s kind of the place to be. In honour of this, we have come up with a tradition of things that seems to happen on every occasion at Roxy.

For starters, it’s important to recognise that none of this actually applies if you don’t get manage to get in. It’s pretty inevitable that there will be a queue that seems to run for miles, so you stomp to the back with any hope of getting in slowly fading. What makes it worse, is that it never seems to move. You start off absolutely buzzed ready for a great night, but eventually you’re just having small talk with your friend questioning why you ever bothered.

Now, if you persevere and actually make it through the door then congratulations. However, by this time you’ve either sobered up and are contemplating all of your life choices, or you make an absolute fool of yourself by stumbling down the stairs on your way. An ever so classy move that gets everyone back in the mood for a great night out.

Just like every other night out you are bound to get lost and stress over the livelihood of your friends, and Roxy is no different. However, this panic will probably only last about 30 seconds as there’s not really any room for them to hide. You’ll reunite and reminisce about those few moments you were apart, and then you’re left with way more time to christen the dance floor and chug that pitcher you had your eye on the entire night.

With the night ending at 3am, unusually late for London and early anywhere else, you’ll stagger out. You might be lucky enough to go home with someone, or realise you have a 9am the next day and inevitably carry on somewhere else. However, Roxy is always a place to come back to. If you’re looking for a cheap night and a small room to get smashed in, it’s definitely worth a shot.