What would you do if you were faced with a killer clown?

You would probs run

It all started in the US – clowns started appearing all over the place, terrorising and intimidating those around them. Now it has spread to the UK, where sightings have been reported up and down the country. But what does it all really mean? Who are these people and are they really as bad as we think they are? With media coverage circling with images of clowns with knives, golf clubs and chainsaws, it’s important to ask yourself, what would you do if you were faced with a killer clown?

So we asked King’s students exactly this, and also whether they think these clowns are really as bad as everyone is making them out to be.

Simran Kaur, first year, Physics

I would walk the other way, clowns are really creepy. It seems a bit silly, especially since Halloween is approaching. I think it will be a popular Halloween outfit this year.

Michael Murphy, third year, Mathematics with Management and Finance

Ask them why they’re dressed as a clown and if they like their job, does it pay well etc. Not that I’m considering being a clown…If they’re armed and terrorising people then it’s most certainly as serious as everyone thinks. Clowns should stay in the circus and maybe make an appearance on Halloween.

Emily Rose Brown, first year, Film Study

Run away, I’m not strong enough to defend myself. I think it’s just dumb American white boys.

Sinah Legner, first year, Physics

Walk away.

Aaron Gill, first year, Maths

Laugh, unless they had a weapon. Probably not as bad as everyone thinks.

Katherine Martin, second year, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

I would have different reactions depending on the scenario. If I was alone, I’d be really scared, upset and angry that someone thought this was okay. If I was with friends, I’d be pretty irritated as it’s really immature, but I wouldn’t be scared so I’d walk away.

Theodore Giannoutsos, first year, Maths

Laugh. Definitely not as bad as everyone thinks!

Niren Bhoja, first year, Maths


Simran Shoker, first year, MSc Physics

Run, cry? Probably scream. I think it’s a bigger deal in America. It’s more of a joke here, people just going along with it for fun. Clearly there’s a bit of disagreement amongst King’s students, with most finding it a silly joke. However, is this a craze that has gone too far? Who knows if these clowns are really as bad as we all think, but with Halloween approaching, it’s better to stay safe than sorry.