King’s beat Goldsmiths in the University Guide 2017 rankings

We beat Goldsmiths

The Complete University Guide 2017 rankings show King’s College just sitting outside the Top 20 in 21st.

This is improving on last years position by two places. Super duper!

The guide has drawn on a whopping 9 criterions of a University’s credentials – Student Satisfaction, Research Quality, Research Intensity, Entry Standards, Student: Staff Ratio, Spending on Academic Services, Spending on Student Facilities, Good Honours degrees achieved and Graduate Prospects and Completion – for 127 universities.

Despite scoring highly on Research Quality (3.23) and Graduate Prospects (85.7) – beating UCL in both – we appeared to have fallen down in Entry Standards (462 – in comparison to Imperial’s score of 567) and the general spending on Academic and Student facilities (1,499 and 597).

Unsurprisingly, UCL scored 2nd lowest in Spending on Student Facilities (247) – only just prevailing over University of Arts, London (215). No wonder their nightlife is shocking. Choppers.

Elsewhere in London, LSE and Imperial took 3rd and 4th respectively, UCL snuck into the top 10 (10th), Queen Mary improved by 2 positions (33rd to 31st), whilst both Royal Holloway (34th to 37th) and Goldsmiths (50th to 51st) dropped down from last year.

And now for the quote that somehow makes all those with shocking statistics – apologies London Met. – feel a tiny bit better. Dr Bernard Kingston, principal author of the 2017 rankings table said: “There is a considerable degree of stability at the upper end of the league table this year. While dramatic changes may be newsworthy, this stability indicates that the rankings are robust and credible for young people seeking a university place – our primary purpose“. Cheers Bernie.

To check out the results yourself, visit for the complete table and full collection of scores .