King’s and UCL to hold joint graduation ceremony

Apparently it’s the cheaper option

King’s are having to share their graduation ball with London rivals UCL this year, due to a lack of funding.

The recent rise in accommodation fees may have been controversial but it seems our uni really is strapped for cash.

Set to be hosted at London’s Senate House, the ball has been rumoured to take place on July 8, with only 2,000 tickets ready to be released for purchase. This is despite over 10,000 students and families making up the numbers of the London Varsity 2016 Series winners (King’s) and losers (UCL).

At this moment in time, specifics and minor details are yet to be confirmed. Individual robe colours are rumoured to be retained though.

Students on hearing the news have uttered words such as “degrading”, “insulting” and “pretty disgusting”.

An anonymous source also told The Tab: ” It’s no surprise that students are already in uproar about the whole situation, and the thought of a major backlash towards the university is becoming ever more likely. I feel sorry for the relatives of those who won’t be able to attend, but more so for the students. Their big day of celebration and jubilation will be somewhat ruined by having to share such a momentous occasion.

“It’s unbelievable they’ve let this happen.”

The news comes as a huge shock to all students involved, with many suggesting the graduation ceremony should be cancelled completely in protest.