King’s is one of the top UK unis for students with sugar daddies

There are 353 ‘sugar babies’ at KCL

King’s is home to 353 students with “sugar daddies”, according to new figures from a sugar daddy dating website.

The stats, released by SeekingArrangement, rank King’s 14th for the highest number of sugar baby students – two places higher than our nemeses LSE.

Of the 353 “sugar babies” at King’s, 142 of them signed up in 2016.

Meanwhile, Goldsmiths trail in 17th place and – for once – UCL haven’t even made it into the top 20.

King’s 2016 sign-up total shows a 67.3% membership growth compared to 2015’s total membership.

With an average sign-up rate of over 3 students a day in 2016, the figure could be in the thousands by Christmas.

Angela Jacob Bermudo, European spokesperson for SeekingArrangement, said: “This trend has really caught on in the UK. Most students hear about SeekingArrangement and this lifestyle from other students who have used it.

“Arrangements are a modern take on relationships with traditional values. The upfront nature of arrangements – being able to lay out exactly the type of person and relationship you want, without fear of judgement or stigma from potential partners is empowering.”