9am Strand campus style

I woke up like dis

It is a truth universally acknowledged…that a lecture at 9AM on the last Monday of the semester is one of life’s greatest challenges.

But those classes at dawn haven’t stopped you beautiful people from turning the corridors of King’s into a catwalk.

photo 1-3

Alexander: I had 10 minutes between getting up and leaving the house. I’m wearing the same shoes as yesterday which is a big faux pas for me.

photo 2-3

Ellen: I woke up like this.

photo 3-3

Ash: Rice cakes set me up for the day!

photo 5-3

Alex: I steal all my clothes from my housemates.


Elizabeth: I’m just surprised I made it in at all!

photo 4-3

Beth: *No Words. This is Monday morning in human form!*

We can safely say that King’s students are always fashionable.