What does your generic poster say about you?

Tell me more about how much you love classic cinema

National noad

There’s a narrow selection of posters of films, musical artists, and other pop culture staples that are favourites to buy at the poster sale that happens at every uni at the beginning of an academic year.

What better way to show your new flatmates/course friends/guy or girl you bring home from the club how cool and interesting you are than having the proof on your wall staring them in the face?

Here are some of the most classic posters that you or one of your friends have probably got up on your walls.

Bob Marley


You probably claim to know a lot about weed, and you’re ready with a full set of arguments on why it should be decriminalised. Although you wouldn’t admit it, you still get worried whenever you buy an eighth, but you really want to show that you finally learnt how to roll a decent joint.

Even though for you it doesn’t really extend beyond Bob Marley and The Wailers’ greatest hits, you tell people you’re really into reggae, because house music is so dead, you know?

Pulp Fiction


You like to think of yourself as pretty cutting edge because your favourite film says the word “fuck” an awful lot.

A self confessed “movie buff”, you’ll tell anyone who will listen that you’re a huge Tarantino fan because you also went to watch Django Unchained in the cinema.

You probably do claim to love classic cinema and are the kind of person who scoffs loudly when people tell you they haven’t seen The Godfather.

Motivational/inspirational quotes


Apparently it’s necessary to have some words on your wall instructing you to “smile” or “enjoy life”, and it’s a good thing too, because how on earth would you remember to do those things without that constant reminder?

You probably post similar pictures on Instagram and other social medias reminding all your friends that they should also “live life to the full”, and god knows they wouldn’t think to do so without that, so it’s a good thing there are people like you around.

Something Marvel/DC comics related


You are SO HAPPY that geek is finally chic. You can revel in your love of comics (soz, graphic novels) and other geekdom in public, and having deep knowledge of every single one of the X-Men is actually cause for admiration rather than concern.

Even though you’ve swapped your wire rims for some thick rimmed wayfarers, you can’t help but embrace your inner nerd and have very detailed and deep-set opinions on whether Michael Keaton or Christian Bale made a better Batman.

Breaking Bad


This has only been cropping up on student walls since 2k12, but what original taste in TV shows you have.

You see a trend and you jump right on it, and you probably got Netflix just to be able to watch BB.

You’ve probably dipped your toes into the drug pool of life, and have definitely felt curious about crystal meth and probably heroin. Until Jane had that overdose.

Muhammed Ali

10933291_10155091689060366_1184710268_n (1)

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee and all that.

Well, organised violence is obviously the epitome of masculinity, and you heard somewhere that Muhammed Ali actually did some other stuff aside from boxing that made him iconic, so you thought it would be pretty cool to have him on your wall.

It’s easier on the eyes to have him on your wall than Mike Tyson, after all.

Old World Map


Oh, aren’t you worldly, with your unironic use of the word “wanderlust”.

If you’re a particular breed of awful human being you may have put pins in the countries you’ve been to.

That way, when unsuspecting victims walk into your room and even glance at it for a second you can nonchalantly tell them about how you hitch-hiked across South East Asia, and how you didn’t spend a single night in a hotel (honest).

Jimi Hendrix


You like that one song. About that strain of weed, you know the one.

You panicked at the poster sale.