I’m a bad feminist and I don’t care

I need to cleanse my sexist soul

What was your biggest mistake during Freshers’?

‘Riding a bike around Rowancroft naked’

Should you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Goodbye my lover

The rise and fall of the tattoo choker

They weren’t cool then, they aren’t cool now

Baewatch: Here are the hottest beach trends for summer

You’ll never look this good again

The petty tyranny of the invigilators

Your comprehensive guide to the Dementors of the exam hall

Team behind flop Winter Wonderland SSB yet to donate money to charity

Enchanted Group dish out £10k to Eddystone Trust

A second year started #cameronettes as a joke and now The Telegraph think he’s the ‘brainchild’ of a right-wing movement

He has nothing to do with Lynton Crosby

My 24 hours in the library

Join me in my tragic quest to write an essay in 24 hours

If you’ve got a tattoo, what are you thinking?

They look terrible

Your AGM is a farce

Your society election is a bigger sham than when Michelle McManus won Pop Idol

I find clubbing boring now I’m in a relationship and I’m not sorry about it

I don’t need to be up all night to get lucky

The rise of the pre-professional

They used to be a laugh

The cult of the ‘busy third year’: Being a finalist is no excuse for being boring

You don’t even have that much work

How to find almost anyone through Facebook stalking – and not get caught

We all do it

Stop reporting parties, you pigeon

Don’t be boring

It’s your own fault if your loud party gets shut down

Whatever happened to being neighbourly?

Medic’s dad hires £10,000 private investigators to find who killed her cat

It’s the purr-fect crime

How many of these people have you met in your seminar?

You’re probably one of them

Can everyone please stop crying on nights out?

‘Cos big girls don’t cry. Especially not on the middle of the dancefloor