Gaby Cheetham

Fashion editor

Gaby Cheetham
Exeter University

Gaby has always had an interest in fashion prior to her career at The Tab.

  • Gaby's role on the editorial team is fashion editor, where she writes about student fashion on campus as well as trends and all things fashion related.
  • Gaby's articles include fashion around campus, what is going on in the fashion world, and how Exeter students can inspire their own wardrobes.
  • Gaby's personal interests, obviously, include fashion, from exploring at vogue runway, to digging through her mum's vintage wardrobe. She also has a large interest in the music scene.


Gaby completed an internship with Jimmy Choo this summer. The head office provided her with insights of the behind the curtain happenings of the fashion world. Furthermore, Gaby has amassed a large following on Pinterest, through posting fashion and lifestyle content.


Gaby is in her final year at the University of Exeter, completing a degree in Business and Management. From taking modules in marketing, finance and accounting, she is also completing a dissertation on the effects of Covid 19 within the world of fashion business.


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