19-year-old girl ended up in A&E after being hit by a glass at Peppermint nightclub

‘I thought the blood pouring down my face was a drink’

A Welsh teenager was hospitalised after being hit by a glass on the dance floor at Peppermint nightclub.

Kirsty Davies, 19 years old, was hit by a half-pint glass on the head after it was thrown in Peppermint, Swansea, in the early hours of the morning on Sunday 19th June.

Kirsty and her friends were on a night out and dancing near the DJ booth when a drink in a glass splashed her friend, moments after, the glass hit Kirsty.

Kirsty told The Tab Cardiff: “I honestly didn’t know what had happened. I knew I’d been hit but I thought the blood pouring down my face was a drink.”

Kirsty doesn’t believe the glass shattered on her head as she didn’t hear it shatter but in the moment it was difficult for her to realise what had happened.

Kirsty continued: “My friends thought I was just on about the drink that splashed down, but I started crying and when they took me to the bathroom they could see there was blood all over my top, my shoes, my bag.”

Kirsty said that the staff at Peppermint, Swansea were extremely helpful and helped clean the blood off her face. She was taken to a pop-up medical site by Wind Street with police officers and St John Ambulance where they ordered a taxi for Kirsty to go to Morriston Hospital.

Kirsty says the wait time was an estimated 11 hours so she was taken to Port Talbot A&E minor injuries unit where they cleaned the wound and glued it together.

Kirsty (centre)

On her injuries, Kirsty said: “It’s an awful thing, I was just lucky it wasn’t any worse. I’ve got a small bump on my head but apart from that I’m all good.”

Kirsty reported the incident to the police and she is eager to spread the word about how dangerous throwing glasses can be.

When sharing her experience online, Kirsty received a message from another clubber who said they were hit by a glass in October at Peppermint.

Kirsty returned to Peppermint and suggested the bar could swap its glasses for plastic or paper cups where she was told that their glasses are “shatterproof”.

A spokesperson for Peppermint Swansea said: “We would like to take a moment to thank our team and the emergency responders who acted swiftly on Saturday evening to assist one of our customers who obtained an injury following an object being thrown into the air on the dancefloor area of our venue.

“In the 12 years that Peppermint has been open, we’ve welcomed over 1.5 million guests through our doors, and we work tirelessly to ensure our customers feel safe and enjoy their experience at our venue. For this reason, we invest in the many security team members stationed across our venue, including the dancefloor, along with providing above-industry team training to deal with such instances.

“The throwing of objects is unacceptable, and such primitive behaviour is not tolerated at Peppermint. Our management team, bar and waiting staff, and security teams are assisting South Wales Police with their enquiries.”

A spokesperson for South Wales Police confirmed that no arrests have yet been made, and said: “Police in Swansea are investigating an assault upon a 19 year-old woman which happened at Peppermint on Wind Street at 12.40am on Sunday June 19th.

“It is reported that a bottle was thrown into the air at the location and it struck the victim – who comes from the Cimla area of Neath – while she was on the dancefloor.

“Officers are appealing for anyone with information concerning this incident or who may have witnessed it to contact South Wales Police on 101 and quote reference 2200204708.”

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