Inside the Pro-Choice society event: ‘Pregnant as a Student’

The event took place on Wednesday 9th March

Cardiff University’s Pro-Choice society hosted the event “Pregnant as a Student” to aid those who may not know where to go or who to turn to. The society prides itself on valuing personal choice and liberation in bodily autonomy.

The society and their student president Lowri Howells were joined by the VP Postgraduate of the Student’s Union, Orla Tarn, to provide information for pregnant students, students thinking of pregnancy and partners of pregnant students.

A pro-choice stance was adopted following the Annual General Meeting in 2019 which was proposed to by the PhD student Isadora Sinha and participating members of Cardiff’s feminist society.

The society told The Cardiff Tab that Orla gave them a wide range of insightful options for students to reach out to, and that the most recommended service students can turn to is Student Advice, “A free and independent service that acts as guidance and support network for students.” They will be able to give students answers to their concerns and signpost them appropriately.

“Orla made clear that the SU is here to guide pregnant students into the right direction that best fits their individual circumstances and will talk them through the options available and aid them in making informed decisions.

“Students are granted an interruption of study should they want it, to give them a chance to settle into parenthood. They can be helped in finding accommodation and can also access the University day care situated on campus. The SU is also connected to local sexual health units, with links to the NHS, showing that they really are supportive in all circumstances.”

For non-student partners of pregnant students,  Orla also said: “There are no problems with the SU supporting such families and have had many cases involving the day care being used by student families. Private accommodation is also pushed for families and all will be supported.”

For pregnant estranged students, it is a more “difficult situation financially as students must prove estrangement in order to gain all financial support.” However, it was also pointed out that Student Advice are there to guide estranged students to the right people that will aid as much as possible.

Lastly, Orla mentioned that the University can, in some cases, act as guarantors for students looking for private accommodation and could not recommend Student Advice and personal tutors enough. Orla also made it clear that students need to communicate these concerns as the SU and University can only help if they know what is happening.

The society told The Tab Cardiff that the event provided a lot of helpful information for students where Orla made it clear that the SU will do their best in the circumstances they are in.

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