Face coverings and Covid pass rules are to be scrapped this month in Wales

The Welsh government hopes to lift all Covid restrictions if the cases continue to fall

The Welsh Government held their latest review of Covid regulations on Thursday, 10th February.

Despite the First Minister currently self-isolating due to a positive Covid test result, the latest data suggests that infection rates are continuing to fall. Due to this, several restrictions will be lifted in the coming fortnight:

18th February: Covid passes will no longer be neccessary to enter establishments such as nightclubs, theatres, cinemas and concert halls.

28th February: Face coverings will be made non-mandatory in indoor spaces, with the exception of shops, healthcare facilities and public transport.

These changes in restrictions have been brought about due to the continued falling of Covid infection rates. According to WalesOnline, the percentage of LFT’s taken that were positive also fell from 11.87 per cent to 10.24 per cent during this period.The Welsh government hopes to lift all Covid restrictions if the cases continue to fall.

Following the discontinuation of Covid passes on the 18th February and the reduction in indoor spaces where face masks will be mandatory from the 28th, the Welsh government have laid out a rough timeline for what future lifting of restrictions could look like.

Though they will closely monitor the infection rates across Wales and make decisions accordingly, it has been suggested that the legal requirement for face masks in any remaining indoor spaces may be lifted by the end of March should it be save to do so.

First Minister Mark Drakeford stated that: “Next month, we will publish a plan setting out how we will move beyond alert level zero and the emergency footing on which we have been operating for nearly two years”.

He continued to thank the efforts of everyone across Wales for helping to make the vaccination programme a success, which has subsequently allowed them to lift these restrictions, and explained that for those who do test positive, the self-isolation rules remain the same for now.

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