‘Map your Baps’: Spice up your run with Cardiff’s Uni Boob Team for a very good cause

The team is back in costume to spread awareness about breast cancer

The amazing Uni Boob Team were back to raise money and awareness for breast cancer on Saturday 21st November with their Map your Baps running event. Last week the team ran around Cardiff in their inflatable boob costume, and encouraged others to join them this weekend.

Participants ran routes around Cardiff in the shape of boobs, using Strava to plan and track the route. You can also donate a few pounds to CoppaFeel by finding their ‘just giving’ page on the @ubtcardiff Instagram page.

This Saturday, join in on raising awareness and money by getting out there and running a route in the shape of your boobs. There will also be a prize for the best boobs or pecs mapped. To enter the prize draw, donate £3 to the Cardiff Uni Boob Team’s Just Giving page with your name and your Instagram username.

Very often many of us believe we are safer from conditions such as cancer because we are younger, but the Uni Boob team are doing everything they can to make sure we’re better informed on how to check our chests properly. The Uni Boob team told The Tab Cardiff: “We believe that students need to be more aware about signs of breast cancer, since this is a condition that can affect people of any gender or age.”


The Uni Boob team represent the CoppaFeel charity at Cardiff Uni, which was founded by Kris Hallenga and her twin sister in 2009 following her diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 23. She didn’t realise that breast cancer could affect young people as well.

Seeing that there was little information about breast cancer in young people, Kris set out to educate young people herself. The team says, “The charity aims to educate males and females of all ages, how to check their chest once a month!”

Universities all around the UK have their very own Uni Boob Team raising money and awareness with events and challenges. Cardiff Uni’s team are no exception; they host socials, ‘boob schools’, ‘booby bake off’s’, there’s so much to get on board with.

CoppaFeel say that the signs and symptoms of breast cancer include changes in the skin texture, nipple inversion or a change in direction, swelling in the armpit and collarbone, nipple discharge, a sudden change in their shape of size, a rash or crusting of the nipple, constant unusual pain in breast or armpit and finally lumps and thickening. You can find more information on their website.

So get involved in Map your Baps and raise awareness, and don’t forget that the team would love it if you could post your runs on social media!

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