The FINAL round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelors

Yes, you read that right, THE FINAL ROUND IS HERE

The time has come for you to decide on who Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor really is, and we’re not going to lie to you, it’s not going to be an easy decision.

We’ve decided to ask our finalists a few questions that will hopefully make the voting process slightly easier. And of course, if their answers are exactly what you’ve been looking for in your next love interest, their instagram handles are included.

If paying for the bill at a date is something you struggle to approach, fear not, these bachelors have got it figured out.  Somebody that assumes you’re paying? No thanks. That’s like a violation, that’s very muggy.

Toby, First year, Ancient History

Toby’s family were shocked to discover that he won the first round. Despite trying to keep his nomination under wrap, his family found the article. Toby cannot believe people voted for him, however, he is adamant that he WILL make #Bendle2021 happen.

A date with Toby would entail a walk to Wagamama (a solid classic), where he will admittedly butcher the pronunciation of the dishes. Once the date has ended, he is insisting on paying the bill. After all, his mum will be furious if she finds out he didn’t pay it all.

James, Second year, History and Economics

James is super delighted to have won his round, and has his fingers crossed that he can win this final round.

A date with James would entail cocktails followed by mini golf for the evening. Being a true gentleman, James would of course be paying for both the cocktails and mini golf. Maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll be invited to spend the second date in his house in Italy?

Tony, Third year, Civil Engineering

Tony is not taking full credit for his win, he insists that his fans need thanking, and without his friends, family… and cats, he couldn’t have done it. In the words of Tony: “Mumma I made it.”

If you’re on a date with Tony you will be finding yourself at an arcade. Tony claims that seeing a date play air hockey is the way to show whether you’re pursuing a “lowkey psycho”.  The true romantic inside Tony will of course be attempting to win you a teddy, and will even offer to pay for the date. However, there will be no complaining if his date wants to split the bill… or even buy it all.

Alfie, Third year, Banking and Finance

Making it to the final is something that Alfie will be mentioning in job interviews. Even if a win isn’t secured, Alfie is grateful to get to the final. Grateful enough to even consider changing his middle name to ‘Most Eligible Bachelor in Cardiff’. Well, one of them anyways.

A first date is going to include a cocktail bar followed by a restaurant reservation. Booked in case you want to go after cocktails, but Alfie is also welcome to the idea of staying out drinking cocktails. Of course, an effort will be made to make the bill paid fully, but if they offer to split the bill, Alfie will offer to instead pay this one, and they can pay for date number two. Ideal for if you’re on a budget and intend to ghost.

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