Here’s how students felt clubbing again during the first week without restrictions in Cardiff

Many forgot how much they missed snogging strangers

With Wales now on Alert Level Zero, clubs that have been closed during Covid are able to open their doors to students once again.

The Tab Cardiff reached out to students to see how they felt about clubbing again without restrictions, and boy were the results varied! Responses ranged from feeling “uncomfortable” at being surrounded by so many strangers, to “f*cking gassed” at the thought of orange VKs.

One student even stated she forgot “how great it was to make out with strangers!”

Still, a large portion of students remain worried that clubs opening will only further the spread of Covid-19. Whilst some students miss clubbing, they “disagree” at them opening, with one student suggesting that “students should require a negative test” before entering a club.

One student thought that Covid will “spread like anything” now, with some students waiting to “watch what happens to the number of cases” before heading back into a club.

With students running into clubs with open arms and faces free of masks, people are bound to get little carried away in all the excitement.

One student responded to our survey that they can’t wait to “pee on someone” once they get back into a club. How about we leave the pee to the upstairs booths in the SU and the puddles in the smoking area instead.  You know, like old times!

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