Meet the third round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelors

Third times a charm, right?

It’s time for round three, and it’s not getting any easier deciding between the nominees.

Who will you pick this time? The one who might lose your deposit, the one you might be tempted to stand up, or the one who’s into astrology?

We’ve added their Instagram handles just incase you wanted to slide into their DMs. That’s got to be more effective than a Tinder superlike, right?

Tony, Third year, Civil Engineering

Tony has been nominated three times and has been described as “tall, dark and handsome.” He said he was “very thankful” that people could look past his scruffy look and dad bod.

His mates have issued a stark warning. Tony once failed to successfully clean up his chunder at a girl’s house which meant she lost her deposit. You really don’t want to be in that situation.

Still find him irresistible? His ideal partner is a Spanish girl and his ideal night out is Juice (obviously). Do what you want with that information.

Oscar, Placement year, Financial Mathematics

If you’re a gym girl with blue eyes, go on and send Oscar a cheeky DM. You know you’ve been successful if he pulls out the: “I bet you can’t guess what degree I do.” But we all know it’s financial mathematics.

Oscar is another one of those “tall, dark, and handsome” kind of men. However, he has been stood up by the same girl twice in a row. Hopefully third time’s the charm?

Oscar feels good about his nomination, and told The Cardiff Tab that he misses nights out at YOLO. Don’t we all?

Jack, Third year, Business and Management

Jack didn’t expect to be nominated and sees it as a laugh.

He’s been described as having “Golden Retriever energy”, hence, his ideal partner needs to like dogs. Revs Tuesdays are a house tradition at his, so it’s obviously the best, right?

Jack has been known to convince potential partners that their Zodiac sign means they are compatible, so if you’re looking for a Cancer, he’s the one.

Be warned though, he is known for getting his “willy out” at every given opportunity. Well, if the stars say it’s meant to be, surely you can overlook that.

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