South Wales Police uncover cannabis factory in Cathays house

The cannabis factory was found in a house on Cranbrook Street on 10th March

A cannabis factory was found in a house on Cranbrook Street in Cathays at around 1:30pm on Wednesday 10th March, The Cardiff Tab can reveal.

Police were overheard telling colleagues there were over 100 cannabis plants inside the property. Two police vans remained on site for 24 hours removing the plants and equipment.  

The discovery was originally made by Western Power, who were called to the street after a series of power cuts began affecting neighbouring properties. Residents were originally told the problem was a burnt-out power cable, a common problem among Cathays houses due to their age. 

As the pavement was dug up, it became clear that the residents within the property had been illegally tampering with the electricity lines to distort their energy metre readings. 

The pavement on Cranbrook Street was dug up to repair wiring.

Tampering with energy metres can be extremely dangerous, especially near resident properties. There is a strong possibility of severe burns and electrocution. Surrounding properties also become at increased risk of a fire as exposed wires and connections can become superheated. 

The surrounding houses have since been made safe thanks to Western Power, who are still on the scene working on the affected damage to the street. 

A Cardiff University student living on Cranbrook Street, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Cardiff Tab: We woke up to what we thought was a routine power cut, but by the end of the day there had been a huge drug bust pretty much next door. It was very exciting and surreal, we had front row seats which definitely broke lockdown boredom!”. 

Another resident told us: “Everyone keeps asking us whether we could smell it and of course we could! But my house all thought it was just the smell of Cathays – we had no idea that it was actually hundreds of plants growing in the house next door.”

Cannabis is a Class B Drug in the UK, and is illegal to grow. The GOV.UK website details that supply and production sentences can include up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both. 

Police spotted outside the property

A spokesperson for South Wales Police told The Cardiff Tab: “Officers were called to an address on Cranbrook Road, Cathays at 13.28 on March 11th, 2021 and a large number of cannabis plants were located.”

“Investigations are ongoing and anyone with information is encouraged to contact 101, quoting reference 2100084355.”

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