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Cathays drug dealer jailed for three years

A ‘drug shop’ with a value of up to £8,740 was discovered in his flat

A drug dealer who operated in the Cardiff student area of Cathays has been jailed for three years.

The dealer, Lanoi Liddell, was pulled over by police in Cathays and was charged with possession of drugs. When police further raided his flat, they found a “drug shop”, with the drugs holding a value of up to £8,740.

Liddell was released under investigation but was later raided again just one month after the death of Megan Pollitt.

Megan, 18, took ketamine at a party last November and was found unconscious in her halls of residence. She sadly died in hospital just a few days later.

Megan had moved from Rugby, Warwickshire, to Cardiff to pursue her Law degree and was said to be “full of dreams and aspirations”.

Due to Megan’s death, prosecutor Thomas Stanway said that officers raided Liddell’s flat again and this time found MDMA, ketamine, cocaine and an array of drugs with the intent to supply.

Mr Stanway also said that Liddell “reacted when he realised they were police”.

“The police constable approached the driver’s side and the defendant was identified and handcuffed and appeared nervous.”

On 12th October, Liddell was found to be carrying 41.5 tablets of Alphrazolam (commonly sold under the name ‘Xanax’) and over £200 in cash, which he initially lied about and claimed were for personal use. As of yesterday, he has since admitted to possession of the drugs with the intent to supply.

Judge Daniel Williams stated that Liddell was “up to no good” and that “by the end of the month, you were supplying MDMA and ketamine.” However, although “the latter investigation came about as the result of the tragic death of Megan Pollitt”, Judge Daniel Williams made it clear that “there was no evidence that you supplied Megan Pollitt with the drug that led to her death.”

Since her death, Megan’s family have constantly paid tribute to her “beautiful smile” and how she was a much-loved student who they say “enjoyed sharing stories and laughter through visits and calls.”

Her family also expressed that they “will miss her beautiful smile and positive energy that would lift the spirits of anyone.”

“Meg will be missed and forever loved by her Mum and Dad, sister, grandparents and friends.”

Our thoughts are with her friends and family during this time.