What does your Covid-safe study space say about you?

Don’t tell me you actually get work done in the kitchen

With uni online, studying is harder than ever. The space you choose to do your piling workload might just reveal a lot about yourself that you didn’t even know. Are you somebody who spends hours deciding where is most productive to study, or that person who can whip out their laptop in any environment? Either way, your study space says a lot about you.

There’s no denying that every study space holds a certain type of student – so which one are you?

Only unmotivated queens study in coffee shops

Let’s be honest, if you’re in a coffee shop, you’re not getting shit done. If you’re that person who studies alongside their caramel latte in Hoffi Coffee then I hate to break it to you, you’re definitely an unmotivated queen.

The typical coffee shop student is a student with their laptop, ear pods, and maybe the odd pen in their bag. But deep down, work isn’t the motive. You’re most likely wearing loungewear (the fashionable kind) and carrying a Chilly’s bottle. You know that people are watching you work, and it will definitely feature in your latest Instagram story.

You’ve convinced yourself that a busy, aesthetic environment is going to motivate you. But as soon as you’ve got the seasonal costa drink in your hand, you’re back to chatting with your mate or even opening up Facebook on your laptop (an all time low).

You can’t beat a Costa seasonal drink

You really mean business if you go to the ASSL

If your go-to study is space is the ASSL, you mean business my friend…or just need a kick up the ass. There’s only two reasons you would go to the effort of booking a library slot, you’re either a try hard, or somebody with a 2,000 word essay to write in 24 hours.

Realistically, ASSL is the epitome of student life. You know that forcing yourself into the silence of the library is going to make you productive, whether you like it or not. You’ve packed every uni essential you could need, and dressed like you haven’t showered in days. And you’ve definitely made your whole house aware that you have the library booked.

The stressy, organised type who loves studying in their rooms

We’ve all become familiar with the studying in your room scenario over lockdown, as well as the ASSL limiting slots to only two hours. If you’re out of lockdown and still studying in your room, let’s face it, you’re a stresser.

You’ve got your desk set out specifically for uni purposes. Snacks to your left and a black coffee to your right, you mean business. Of course, you’ve got a dedicated timetable of when you’re going to work and you’ve even taken into account toilet breaks. You may be stressed and working frantically, but the reality is, you’re a solid week ahead and you’ve probably sent at least three stressed emails to your lecturers in the last week.

Not only are you organised in your work-space, but you’ve got yourself into the routine of getting dressed into…REAL clothes, the ones we all used to wear before we were hit by the pandemic. We aspire to have your work ethic (maybe without the stress though).

If you suffer from FOMO, you’re deffo studying in the shared house space

There’s only a certain type of student who can tolerate studying in a shared house space. You’re somebody who gets massive FOMO and the thought of your housemates all giggling in your kitchen while you’re watching Panopto in your room alone just doesn’t sit right with you.

The only obvious option is to get your laptop and move to your kitchen or lounge. You have good intentions to work, but the distraction of your housemates reading the latest Cardiff Confessions is too much to handle. You’ve also let your housemates convince you to skip your online seminar to go on your daily walk around Roath Park.

The extreme FOMO means you probably only ever wear one headphone to watch your lectures and will not hesitate to pause. And your outfit? A clean set of pyjamas, fresh for your planned productive day ahead.

How can anybody study in a lounge?

The ‘I’ve barely done any work’-ers study at their course mates house

Organising a group study session at your course mates house can only mean one thing, you’ve done a shit load of work, but you’re going to deny it till the cows come home.

Rocking up to their house claiming you’re “so done”, or “ready to drop out”, when you’ve planned five essays, eaten a balanced diet, and had eight hours sleep. It just isn’t a vibe. They can see right through you.

You’ll only plan a group study session if you believe you can contribute to the conversation without getting overwhelmed, and tbh only organised bitches have those capabilities. You’ve probably got six note books, a fluffy winter coat, and a sleep tracker app. But please, I beg you. Stop telling us you’ve done nothing.

Those who study basically anywhere they can be seen

Yes, you. The person who thinks working in visible spaces places you on a pedestal. We get it, you go to uni. I don’t need to see you work at your bay window every time I walk to The Taf. If anything, it’s awkward.

Strategically placing your notes around you, so it’s clear that its uni work you’re doing, we know your game.  I’m sorry to break it to you but only completing an hour of scheduled uni work isn’t productive. Who needs to do seminar prep when you know you can waffle your way through any question thrown your way? You’re wearing a North Face puffer and Air Force, cruising through uni – living the dream.

So there we have it, what your study space says about you. If you’re reading this thinking you don’t fit into any of these categories, oh hun, think again.

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